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Who picks up that? Diane Bernard does!

Seaweed Lady
Yes, Diane Bernard, also known as the Seaweed Lady, drags home "ugly" seaweed.

Seaweed Skincare
And not only has she created a Seaweed Skincare Line with these vitamin and mineral loaded plants she also ships them off to restaurants along with her Seaweed Recipes...

Christophe Letard
... assisting chefs to create an indigenous dining experience with wild Pacific seaweeds. Here's chef Christophe Letard displaying a strand.

Seaweed menu by Christopher Letard.
And on the menu, yummy sushi. I think I'm falling in love with seaweed!

Click here to read an article about Diane Bernard.

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  1. Excellent and timely idea. She needs to come here to Carmel and Monterey-she would have plenty to harvest.


  2. Well, I could thing of worse things to pick up at the beach, like a jellyfish!!

    Nice to see the seaweed being put to good use :-)


  3. I like sushi, never thought about how they got the seaweed.

  4. Oh wow.. I cant stand the stuff in between my toes on the beach. but, I do like to eat it! :-)

  5. Hi Maya . I love seaweeds salad and sushi I know how to make one:)So abundant around here.
    Jello made from sea weeds.
    But I didn't know about the skincare product. It must be a good one. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy weekend.

  6. Seaweed + Sushi = YUM!!!

  7. Hi Maya!
    I used to use it when I worked on a yacht in Alaska in recipes... And I used to make pickles from the kind with the long cucumber looking things... (They eat just about everything in Alaska) I didn't know I could have used it on my fact tho! Ha!
    Have a wonderful week end!

    ~Really Rainey

  8. I think it is sometimes better not to know what's in products. As long as it tastes good, who cares what it is?

  9. Sea weed is SOOOO good for you. A lot of nutritional values.

  10. Never tried sea weed for my skin, but I DO love sushi!

    Thanks for leaving a sweet comment on my Anniversary post!
    Have a fab Friday!

  11. i love that dianes life and livlihood are derived "of the earth"...good story!

  12. What an interesting post. Diane's is an interesting story. Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful day.

  13. Ooh, I'd never thought about who has to collect this stuff up, either. Not sure it's quite my dream job!

  14. I love seaweed to eat. Sushi, salad, all of it. The only way I've ever put it on my face is via Creme de la Mer...

  15. Hey Maya
    I recently read a similar article in Australian Country Style magazine.. sane idea.. different country. I have to say I don't like sushi [party of one] but the skincare looks like a great idea,.. all those vitamins and minerals. I could do with some of that!! Have a great weekend. x Julie

  16. I agree with Chemin des Muguets - Carmel & Monterey are loaded with seaweed. If she needs more she can just head a little bit north into Santa Cruz and harvest there too! The more she takes away, the less there is to wrap around my ankles in an annoying fashion! Blech!

    Julie isn't a party of one - I don't like sushi either. Maybe because I've spent my life trying to get seaweed off of me - not inside me!

  17. Anonymous10/02/2009

    Interesting post. I guess I've really never thought a lot about seaweed but it sounds like it has some good uses! Have a great weekend!
    pk @ room remix

  18. She is a fantastic lady.. Thanks for introducing her..

  19. One of my ambitions is to go to a spa where they do seaweed wraps, which I'm told help get rid of cellulite. Closest I'd get to feeling like sushi.

    Otherwise, I'm a total sushi and miso soup lover as the seaweed is so healthy.

  20. Visiting here was like smelling the fresh sea air. Our grocery has seaweed/sushi--I totally need a body/brain wrap about now. I'm enjoying looking around your blog.
    Take care,

  21. i've heard that seaweed can do marvelous things for your skin.

  22. I have read about people who do this, it amazes me.