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Have You Ever Slept Outdoors?

Outdoor Bed
I wish I could say I slept outdoors in a lovely bed like this one, on a panoramic deck with a sweeping ocean view.

Sleeping on the Beach
Instead I was wrapped in a sleeping bag on a beach in Greece and France (at the age of 17 + 18), and haven't had another sleeping outdoor experience since. What about you?

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  1. the first photo is a dream! i love sleeping outdoors, too, especially during the summer. the second photo looks sweet--the morning light is beautiful.

  2. Wow what a beautiful outdoor space...would be lovely to spend the night there! Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  3. Hello Maya! I have slept outdoors quite a lot.. Camping at Lake Powell, on the beaches or sleeping in the bow of our ski boat under the MILLIONS of stars and wishing I had a eye mask because of the bright full moon!

    Another time that comes to mind is a few years back there was going to be a spectacular meteor shower... so I put our two lounge chairs together and made them up like a bed with sheets and blankets and pillows. I fired up our fire pit and set my phone alarm and we slept under the stars... (you can do that a lot here in Arizona) till about 2:00 am then woke to watch the meteor shower! Ok I watched and Hubby still slept... he tried...
    Have a great rest of the week!

  4. I would love to sleep outdoors in that photo above!!

    xoxo Laura

  5. At 13, by a fire in a sleeping bag (which felt like I had it on rocks). That photo looks much more appealing!

  6. Many times, camping. But the best was at my mother's family's house on Cape Cod. They had a sleeping porch. Screened in, but outside. Best of both worlds...

  7. This post reminds me of my great grandparents who had a sleeping porch. Great memories of childhood

  8. Hi Maya I could definitely sleep outdoors in the first photo. My only outdoor sleeping has been in a tent - only about 5 times in my lie as I am not really a fan of 'roughing it'!!LOL

  9. 2009 resolution...more picnics


    2010 more sleeping outside...of the twisted irony of it all :))))

    great idea!

  10. I would love to sleep outdooors and gazing at the stars and moonlit night!

  11. Sleep outdoors? Only in a beautiful bed like the first photo!

    Seriously, I am no longer a camper. I left those days behind a LONG time ago. Bugs are not my friends! But as a child, I slept on the sandbar on our lake. We had a MAJOR drought in Central/Coastal Florida and the lake was WAAAAAY down. The sandbar that was usually under 4 ft of water was high and dry. My friend and I thought we were so cool!!!

    Jane (artfully graced)

  12. I recently went on a horseback riding adventure on a 650 acre estate that has miles and miles of trails with my family and slept in a tent....had not been camping since childhood (which we did frequently)....highly overrated although I did have an air mattress that barely fit in the two man tent! LOL! It was almost flat before morning because we could not inflate it the whole way! Too old for roughing it like you did in Greece/France on the beach...oh to be young again! Love your short haircut in the photo! Top photo awesome! Have a happy Thanksgiving Maya! Luanne

  13. Nope, me either. I'm not a camping type. But I'd sleep outside if I had a screened-in porch. As a kid I use to sleep on a relative's screened-in porch on the lake and loved it!

  14. I have not slept outdoors since I was in my twenties, but the idea seems glorious! Lovely photos!


  15. Let me please lie there forever.

  16. I love sleeping outdoors and do so every chance I get. I still love camping and hope I never get too old to enjoy a sleeping bag and a campfire.

    It is so nice to be back and visiting your fabulous blog, I missed you so much!

  17. ...well...that is indeed sleeping outdoors...i am affraid i cannot say that i have ever had that kind of experience...but maybe someday! xo, mickey

  18. Nothing so grand, but yes I've slept outdoors quite a bit in my life. Would love to do it more often.

  19. Anonymous11/21/2009

    I'm not much of an outdoor sleeper, but I think I would be if I could sleep in a space like the photo at the beginning of your post! :-)

    pk @ Room Remix

  20. Just like you my only outdoors sleeping was in France when I was 17 ;) It was on the beach with some handsome french man ....

  21. Much camping as a kid. The last time I slept outside was in my late 30s, in the Rio Grande River Gorge in New Mexico. Did a llama trek (pack animals, not riding!) down into the gorge, overnighted in tents by the river. It was incredible. I would do it again in a heartbeat, except for more than one night the next time! :)

    Have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving, and enjoy your time finishing up projects!

  22. How much fun! Enjoy your thanksgiving week,

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  23. The night before last there was a full moon on a clear night. I was with my Girlfriend and we decided to spend the night on the beach in Newport Beach. Great idea! She had never slept on the beach before(@night),she loved it. I would recommend it to any couple. Keeping each other warm throught the night and waking up with the sun was beautiful. A dip in the water in the morning would have been ideal but alas we had no towels and she had class that morning. Next time for sure though!